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Our fees

Fees are charged from the day the pet is brought in. The last day is free provided the pet is collected before 12 noon. No animals will be released until all charges have been paid. Collection and delivery can be arranged, a charge will be made for the journey (both ways). There is no charge for administering medication by mouth. A discount of 10% will be made for boarding fees in excess of 21 days. A discount of 10% will be made for boarding two dogs in one kennel.

Dog Sizes

Small – Jack Russell’s, Yorkshire Terriers etc.
Medium – Springer Spaniels, Border Collies etc.
Large – Labradors, German Shepherd’s etc.
Very Large – Great Danes, St. Bernard’s etc.

Please note: 
Dogs will not be admitted unless they have been vaccinated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus and Kennel Cough within the last 12 months.

Group A

Small Dogs (Jack Russell's, Yorkshire terrier's etc.)
Boarding £13.46
Plus Insurance at £1 and VAT

Group B

Medium (Springer's, Border Collies etc.)
Boarding £14.44
Plus Insurance at £1 and VAT

Group C

Large (Labradors, German Shepherd 's etc.)
Boarding £16.22
Plus Insurance at £1 and VAT

Group D

Very Large (Great Danes, St. Bernard's etc.)
Boarding £17.26
Plus Insurance at £1 and VAT

Cat Boarding Prices

Two gray cats

All Groups of Cat

Boarding £12.02

Plus Insurance at £1 and VAT

All prices quoted are per day.

On-Line Booking

While you can book your pet in with us by calling 01673 858622 for advanced bookings you can also make a booking on-line.

Just complete the form below and send. You will have your booking confirmed by email within 6 hours. If you haven’t received a confirmation within that time then please call us.

Book your pet in here
If this is the first time of boarding your pet{s) with us please ensure you bring your Pet Health Book with you so we can log the innoculation and Kennel Cough dates on our system. Thank you.
Only fill this in if this is your first time at Panton Kennels. We hold vet details for existing customers.
This is a live vaccine and can be carried up to 10 days and must be administered at least 10 days before coming to the kennels. We will NOT accept any pet unless proof of vaccination can be presented to us.
Name of pet on medication. Reason for the medication. Dosage. Frequency.
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