In the 1960’s Julius Wipfel crossed the Chow-Chow and Wolf-Spitz to create the wolf chow. His reason for crossing these breeds was his quest to create the perfect dog, one that would make the best family pet.

Thus in the mid 1960’s he added a new strand to the gene pool that of the Samoyed. He called this new breed the Eurasier, being as the breeds used to generate this dog originated in Europe and Asia.

Each of the dogs used in the breeding program where of the same generation, as it was essential that balanced morphological and psychological characteristics where achieved only those that did not have heavy resemblance to either breed were kept.

The goal / target of the strict breeding program was to create a dog that as earlier mentioned perfect by this we mean that it had certain characteristic properties that the creator Mr Wipfel identified as being most desirable. Those being:-
* Good temperament
* Elegant body & head shape
* Solid, medium build
* Intelligence
* Little possibility of suffering from jealousy
* Must be good with children
* Slightly reserved personality

But even though the Eurasier was created in the 1960’s it was not formally recognised by any club / society / body until the 1970’s, when the German Kennel Club until 1973.

At Present the breed can be found in many countries around the world but it is only a sparse amount in comparison to any of the better-known breeds.